Upscale Collection, Heavyweight Polished Gold Plastic Cutlery (160 Pc), 80 Forks, 40 Knives, 40 Spoons, Party of 40 Combo Pack


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  • HIGH QUALITY: Durable and wont scratch and break easily. High Gloss, Polished finish looks elegant. Made of disposable and reusable plastic that is sturdy and durable. with a feel like real Gold Plastic cutlery in your hand.

  • PERFECT FOR: catering to a large crowd on a lawn or any public gathering the loss of cutlery is imminent not because of the guest steal them but it is due to lack of control on huge crowds. cutlery always fall on the grass and the guest never bother t
  • WIDELY USE:It is used around the world by caterers, food service business, restaurants to offer low cost option to customers. For big events the dishes are washed in a hurry and there is a need in a large amount of cutlery. It is often used for home f
  • EFFICIENCY: caterers prefer this elegant plastic cutlery aside from its durability. It is reusable. Caterers dont need to carry a huge bulk of metal cutlery. convenient also for picnic and for many occasion because the color can be coordinated with an
  • VALUE PACK: These 160 cutlery looks elegant but won’t cost you a lot. Its reusable so it wont create more waste. plastic cutlery is the best you to save from a huge recurring cutlery costs. This elegant plastic cutlery is value for your money becaus

Other Description

Party Bargains, Elegant heavyweight polished gold plastic cutlery is premium quality plastic silverware from Party Bargains Inc. This disposable plastic gold cutlerys looks elegant as part of your table setting, looks very realistic.
Spoons are light as well as on your budget. No stress to do the dishes after the party!Its durable its not easy to break. It weighs very light compared to a high end steel Cutlery.
Saves you time no need to do the dishes after the party. Big savings for small business owners and cafe or simple gatherings at home.
You have the option to reuse it or just waste it to speed up the cleaning process after the party. Great for elegant events, corporate events, holiday,birthday,weddings,anniversary,Christmas, family parties and Everyday Meals.
Our disposable flatware is durable and doesnt break easily, it provides the sophisticated look of an elegant formal setting without having tons of dishes to wash away.
Heavy weight disposable and reusable elegant plastic cutlery
Durable won’t break easily
Cost less than metal cutlery
Cleaning process is easy


Gold Cutlery


Gold Cutlery


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