About Us

Party Bargains, Where the life of the party begins.

Imagine a place where you can shop all your must-have items for every event.

A place where every moment is worth celebrating – and everything is fun, including the shopping

Here at Party Bargains we offer a comprehensive assortment of plastic party and catering tableware;
with the superior artistry and quality that rocketed Party Bargains reputation up high in the
skies. Their designs range from classic to contemporary, and the products establish tomorrow’s
trends in today’s market. A decade of experience in the disposable tableware industry ensures
that we know just what the customer wants. The commitment to being at the cutting edge of style
and originality without ever compromising on quality or practicality is evident in every one
of our products, and our mission is to enhance the most upscale event and please the most discriminating
customer. Party Bargains standards are set high and while every dish is disposable we would like
to assure you that our commitment is everlasting.

Don’t be just another party this year, be The Party Of The Year!!!