Impresserve Disposable Linen-like Paper Towels 100 Count, Cocktail Napkins, White & Gold


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  • Absorbent and High-Quality Napkin: Made of thick and durable material paper towels that dry your hands easily, are disposable and are perfect for dining tables and bathrooms.

    Elegant and Classy Disposable Guest Towels: Beautiful and luxurious design towels that add sophistication to your living room dinner table, in your house guest washroom room, or even in your executive offices. Simple and gorgeous which will make every dining

  • Large Size and Heavy-duty Disposable Hand Towels: Make every guest feel special using these disposable paper towels, smooth and have a size of 13 x 16 inches when unfolded so that guests can thoroughly dry their hands on one towel.

    Practical and Convenient: Comparison using a regular table cloth napkin, these disposable paper guest towels are far more efficient to use when you are having a big event such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve s house party.

    Eco-friendly and Biodegradable: Our disposable paper hand towels have strong construction and are made of a superior quality substance that you can utilize guilt-free. Quick and easy to use, dispose of, and they’re environment-friendly

Other Description

Impresserve’s Disposable Linen-feel Paper Towels, Durable and Decorative Cloth-like Napkins

Great for dinner, wedding, and cocktail parties! 

Absorbent – Strong and super soft so guests can dry off their hands using just one of these paper towels
High Quality – Thick and sturdy material that will give your every guest a special touch
Elegant Design – Stylish and classy towels that add attractiveness to your dinner table
Convenient to use – Practical and efficient to use in big events such as weddings and parties
Great Value for your money – Versatile and eco-friendly paper hand napkins, perfect for all occasions
Hosting a dinner party could be tiring and time-consuming. You want everything organized and clutter-free to give your guest an unforgettable dining experience. Using a regular table cloth can be messy and inconvenient, especially having some spaghetti

Saves you money and the headache of cleaning up after the party.

Excellent quality and very absorbent towels that are suitable for any special event such as an engagement party, anniversary, and much more.
A classy print design that will incorporate different dining table arrangements that would really suit your style. A sturdy and large size that your guest can clean and dry their hands off easily. Perfect for your disposable guest towel holder in your bathroom, kitchen, and dining area.



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