Party Bargains Steel Wool Pads, Grade 0, Pack of 16


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Product details

  • ✅HEAVY-DUTY & HIGHLY DURABLE: High-quality metal strands with gentle abrasiveness, retain shape and last longer

    ✅SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made from superior grade quality and fine steel wool, very soft, good grip, easy to handle, and safe for hands


    ✅EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Make tough dirt scrubbing a lot easier! Won’t rust easily or leave odors

    ✅CUTS GREASE AND GRIME: Scrub away stubborn dirt and grease on cookware, bakeware, kitchenware, countertop, stovetop, and around the home.

Other Description

Party Bargains offers a comprehensive assortment of plastic party and catering tableware. Their designs range from classic to contemporary, and the products establish tomorrow’s trends in today’s market. A decade of experience in the disposable tableware industry ensures they know just what the customer wants. Our commitment to being at the cutting edge of style and originality without ever compromising on quality or practicality is evident in every one of their products. Our mission is to enhance and provide our customers with quality, everyday, and exclusive products for party events, special occasions, and around the home.


  • Great around corners
  • Reusable
  • Versatile scrub
  • Made of durable steel wool
  • Gentle on surfaces tough on dirt


  • Material: Steel Wool Mesh
  • Count: 16 Pads
  • Package Dimension: 8x3x2 Inches
  • Grade: 0 Coarse