Brew Addicts Reusable K Cup Filters, Compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 Coffee Makers, Universal Fit, Single Serve Coffee Filter Pods, Stainless Steel Mesh Filter, 4 Pack, Black


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Product details

    • HIGH-QUALITY COFFEE BREWERS: Our strong and durable filters are very reliable, and allow you to get more ground in one cup
    • COMPATIBLE WITH KEURIG COFFEE MACHINES: Enjoy your favorite freshly brewed coffee with these reliable easy-to-use filters. They allow excellent flow letting only delicious beverage through, into your cup.

    Love great-tasting coffee? Relax with a cup of smooth and flavorful hot coffee anytime!

    • Filters out more sediment
    • Keeps sediment at bay
    • Great value for your money!
    • Perfect for everyday use
    • Enjoy a choice of your favorite coffee flavors and herbal teas, just pick one and enjoy!

    Includes: Pack of 4 Black Filter Cups


Other Description

Start your day right with a fresh cup of coffee, using our reusable filters for compatible 1.0 and 2.0 coffee brewing machines.

Keeps excess grounds and coffee beans out of your drink, and allows only the rich beverage into your cup.

Easy-to-clean and functional filters wash and rinse fast, so you can enjoy your next cup of joe in no time

High Quality

Our coffee filters are made strong and sturdy, so there is no
need to worry about leaks and mess!

Great value for your money, excellent price, and unmatched quality!

These reusable filter cups will save you more money! Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anytime with our

convenient and easy-to-use. They won’t clog up and leak compared to more inferior brands

Strong and Reliable: Easy to clean and reusable, and made with forgiving material so they don’t break easily.

Stainless-steel mesh filter
Plastic frame
Compact design

Just the Right Amount Coffee Filters!
Set includes 4 Pods